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Photography Studio Includes

Studio 1807 is a perfect space for shooting with 10 foot ceilings perfect for photography or video.

Studio A is a 1115 square foot space features which is the space within a larger building that can be rented, with unique features.

When you first walk through the large wooden barn doors, you will see an array of various pieces of furniture that you can use. Multiple backdrop areas, and areas to change scenes very rapidly. The photography studio has unique spaces perfect for a controlled photo session. Light can be reduced in room to nearly zero for moody and controlled lighting shots.

Occasionally we will have seasonally themes to keep the studio with a few variations.

Studio 1807 Address location: 1807 Rogero rd, Jacksonville FL 32211

Studio rental hours: Saturday & Sunday 9am to 9pm

What your studio rental Includes

  • Lobby area for clients separate from studio
  • 2x Godox 600w Flash (Strobes)
  • Seamless paper backdrops several options
  • Portable Fan
  • Extra Sand Bags
  • Climate Controled
  • Backdrop stand to bring in specific scenes
  • Small A-Frame Ladder
  • Wireless Flash Trigger (nikon, sony, canon)
  • Ample parking in front of building
  • Makeup Station with lights
  • Soft Boxes for strobes
  • 100% privacy
  • No Insurance / Permits needed

Video Tour the studio

This is a large studio providing multiple areas, perfect for nearly any type of photo session. Furniture and backdrops to create nearly infinite options to creating your vision design. There are plenty of props around to add to scenes. Watch full video above to see the space.

Studio Parking

We are a private building so we have ample parking for your clients located on the ground floor.

Rental Rates

  • 1 Hour - $85
  • 2 Hours - $170
  • 3 Hours - $255
  • 4 Hours - $340
  • 6 Hours - $500
  • 8 Hours - $600
  • 10 Hours - $700

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