Studio Portraits

Photography seeks to seize memories, record significant moments or milestones. Its goal is to immortalize genuine, personal instances that stir emotions or reminiscence. Such moments are prevalent in family portraits, graduation, senior photos, birthday milestones, children's portraits, couple portraits, glam and fashion.

Woman holding sons hand in family photo portrait session at studio1807
Portrait Fashion Photography session woman with mood lighting and sunglasses Jacksonville Miami Fl

Our Process to booking and getting great photos

Scene and outfit selection will be done after booking date/time

Step #1

Select package from above

Step #3

Decide your desired outfit you want to wear in your scene

Basic Portrait: $495


  • 60 minutes session in our studio
  • Up for 1-2 outfits/scenes
  • Complete posing and direction through your session
  • 10 edited & lightly retouched digital images
  • Gallery proofs of unedited photos sent to client for selection

Complete Portrait: $695


  • 120 minutes session in our studio
  • Up for 1-4 outfits/scenes
  • Complete posing and direction through your session
  • 20 edited & lightly retouched digital images
  • Gallery proofs of unedited photos sent to client for selection

Additional Digital Images $25/each


Overlays added to photo $50/ea.

Composite images are starting from $95/ea.

Photos are delivered within 3 weeks of client selection - Rush Fee 72hr delivery - Starting from $150

Please note we cannot book your photography session until deposit is received and contract has been signed. Until both are not done your desired time is not guaranteed.

All remaining balances are due before the photo shoot based on contract.

Editing policy:

Basic editing light correction, cropping, saturation, temperature, white balance and color correction will be done to all photos.

Packages including terms "fully edited" or "light retouching" this means all basic edits, basic skin smoothing, skin blemishes fixes, sharpening eyes, teeth whiting, simple object removal, distracting objects, tonal lighting changes, studio background extensions no additional retouches will be done to these photos.

All other types of photo alterations including but not limited to head swaps, clean up background, advanced detailing edits, advanced object removal, background or dress extensions, people removal, composites, advanced skin smoothing, body shaping, composite images, or significant changes to the photos, this will cost extra and no package contains any of these. Contact us for a quote as these can be done on a per image basis.

Previews for client selections will be sent out within 72 hours, if client does not select favorites and notify photographer within 30 days. Photographer at its sole discretion will select the photographer feels are best and edit the amount purchased. Any additional images will be additional images after this time period and will incur an additional fee.

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Guide to a Successful Portrait Session

Embarking on a portrait photography session at Studio 1807 in Jacksonville, Florida can be an exhilarating experience. Yet, without proper preparation, it might also lead to stress. Luckily, by following a few straightforward steps, you can ensure a seamless session and achieve exceptional outcomes.

Step 1: Outfit Selection

An essential aspect of preparing for your portrait photography session is choosing suitable attire. At Studio 1807, we recommend opting for comfortable yet flattering clothing. Steer clear of bold patterns or distracting colors that might draw attention away from your features. Instead, opt for solid colors or simple patterns that complement your skin tone and hair color.

Remember to bring appropriate undergarments, especially if choosing attire from our client closet. Nude or black undergarments serve as safe and versatile options that complement most outfits. It's wise to bring backups as well.

Step 2: Adequate Rest

Ensuring you're well-rested is paramount. Adequate rest can significantly impact your energy levels and overall mood during the session.

Step 3: Hydration and Nutrition

Prioritize hydration and nourishment before your photo session. Drinking water and consuming a nutritious meal can contribute to healthy-looking skin and provide the energy needed to feel your best.

Step 4: Makeup and Final Touches

In the spotlight, minor touches make a significant difference. Consider using makeup to even out skin tone and minimize reflections caused by flashes. Even a light touch of facial powder can benefit individuals, particularly those with oily skin. Assess accessories such as jewelry, watches, and phones, removing anything unnecessary. Ensure clean nails, whether natural or painted.

Step 5: Communication with Your Photographer

Effective communication is pivotal for a successful portrait session. Share any specific requests or concerns with your photographer beforehand. Your comfort and satisfaction with the final results are our priorities. Feel free to share any inspiration images you may have.

Step 6: Trust in the Process

Lastly, trust in the process and relish your portrait photography session. At Studio 1807, we specialize in creating a relaxed environment, aiming to put you at ease during the shoot. Have confidence in our expertise and enjoy the experience!